Christopher Tucker

Regional Manager

Chris Johnson, Regional Manager - Coast to Coast Cardiology

Chris Tucker, a Southern California native, was born in North Hollywood, and began his career in Veterinary Medicine in 2005. He has worked at numerous cutting edge veterinary specialty and emergency practices throughout Southern California from Orange County to Santa Barbara County. He has over a decade of technical assistant experience in specialty departments ranging from orthopedic surgery, soft-tissue surgery, radiology, internal medicine, cardiology, emergency and critical care. His passion for anesthesiology has driven him to log well over 10,000 hours of monitoring elective and critical care anesthesia.

Serving as Coast to Coast Cardiology’s West Coast Regional Manager he is responsible for the development and implementation of strategic initiatives, culture, practice expansion, and personnel development. He is passionate about the veterinary industry and strives to provide the means for practicing quality and compassion driven medicine for pet owners, as well as five-star service and communication for our communities of family veterinarians.

Outside of work you will find him studying at local coffee shops, learning martial arts, playing chess, hiking, and watching the sunset with his rescued dog, Dexter, the perfect combination of Jack Russel Terrier and Whippet.